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You're looking for more than a 'job.' You're looking for a career opportunity doing something you enjoy, in an exceptional work environment, with excellent employee benefits. At Muckleshoot Bingo, we're always looking for outstanding employees to join our team, and offer a wide variety of career choices. Check out our open positions and fill out an application. Be sure to visit our Employment page often, as we are always updating it with the most current openings.

Thank you for considering employment with Muckleshoot Bingo.

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Muckleshoot Indian Bingo is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does exercise Indian Preference. We are a drug-free, no tolerance workplace and require drug testing of all employees.

To apply, PRINT AN APPLICATION and return completed application to our Human Resources Department, Monday – Friday, between 9am – 5pm.

Current Jackpots

Updated 07/23/2017

Late Night


  • Hotball: $1,618
  • Pokerball: $2,500
  • Bonanza in 48#’s: $195,142
  • DIY in 15#’s: $61,171
  • Matinee Jackpot in 49#’s: $1,500
  • Letter “X” in 20#’s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#’s: $2,700


  • Hotball: $238
  • Pokerball: $2,500
  • Bonanza In 48#'s: $195,142
  • DIY In 15#'s: $61,171
  • Super Jackpot in 48#'s: $4,000
  • Letter “X” in 20#’s: $1,199
Late Night

Late Night

  • Hotball: $677
  • Pokerball: $2,500
  • Bonanza in 48#’s: $195,142
  • DIY in 15#’s: $61,171
  • Late Night Jackpot in 53#'s: $3,500
  • Letter “X” in 20#'s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#’s: $2,700

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