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How We Help Keep You Safe and Healthy:

Keeping each other safe and healthy is our top priority at Muckleshoot Bingo, and we do that by ensuring we all follow these basic guidelines:


    • Everyone must enter and exit the building through the North or South Entrances.

    • Everyone must have their temperature checked and undergo Covid-19 symptom screening before entering. All guests with a temperature of 100° (F) or above will NOT be allowed to enter and advised to seek medical attention. 

    • Everyone must wear a face mask properly covering their nose and mouth at all times, unless seated in a designated area and actively eating or drinking. NO bandanas or face shields allowed. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

    • We may ask our guests to briefly lower or remove their masks for age and identification purposes. Guests will be required to have valid photo identification.

    • No minors. All guests must be 18 years or older to enter our building.

    • Starting Friday, December 4 at 6am, we will offer a LIMITED INSIDE SMOKING AREA upstairs in our LOFT gaming room and inside Twin Rivers Bar. We will also continue to offer an outdoor smoking area outside the West Entrance. The rest of the property will remain non-smoking until further notice. 

    • Everyone must maintain safe social distancing and spaced seating areas throughout the building.

    • Complimentary beverage stations are staffed for your safety.

    • Hand and surface sanitizing stations are located throughout the building and entrances. We encourage guests to use them often, along with regularly washing their hands with soap and water.

    • Muckleshoot Bingo staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all public surfaces at least once an hour.

    • No outside food or beverages are allowed inside Muckleshoot Bingo. We encourage guests to use the table-side food service available on the Bingo floor or eat in designated areas only. To-go orders from Red Cedar and Corner Shoppe are available.

    • No food or eating is allowed inside our game rooms.

Current Jackpots

Updated 04/13/2021

  • Matinee Jackpot in 53#s: $3,385
  • Hotball: $252
  • DIY in 15#s: $121,206
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $28,167
  • Letter “X” in 19#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#s: $4,300
  • Pokerball: $2,500

  • Evening Jackpot in 51#s: $6,566
  • Hotball: $1,667
  • DIY in 15#s: $121,206
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $28,167
  • Letter “X” in 19#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#s: $4,300
  • Pokerball: $2,500

  • *NO LATE NIGHT on Mon., Tues., Wed.*
  • Late Night Jackpot in 49#s: $
  • Hotball: $
  • DIY in 15#s: $
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $
  • Letter “X” in 17#s: $
  • Double Action in 35#s: $
  • Pokerball: $

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