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Bingo is BACK!

Muckleshoot Bingo is now open and offering 3 Sessions Daily at 1pm, 4pm, & 7pm.  Machines are open daily 7am-3am.
Each session offers $5 bingo buy-in (6-on for 10 regular games) OR a $20 Electronic Deal which includes the following: 
2 Warm-ups, 5 6-ons, 2 Poker Specials, 2 Quinella Blackouts, 2 Double Action & 2 Last Blackouts.
Payouts for each session are as follows:
10 regular games each paying $200
Poker Special pays $250
Quinella Blackout pays $200/$250 ($250 if you bingo on the star)
Double Action pays $1,000 in 35#'s or less ($200 Consolation)
Last Blackout pays $250
To see the bingo patterns each session click here: https://www.muckleshootbingo.com/sessions.html



Muckleshoot Bingo Update 5/20/2020: 

An update from Muckleshoot Bingo:
Muckleshoot Bingo has started the process to welcome you back! We are very excited to get back to Bingo, and in order to do so, we’re making some changes to ensure your safety, the safety of our team and the community at large. Below are some of the changes that you can expect when you return:


  • *When we open on Tuesday, May 26, we will operate from 10am to midnight. Beginning on Wednesday, May 27, we will operate from 7am-Midnight daily. This will allow a nightly deep cleaning of the facility.

  • *Guests and team members will access the Bingo Hall through the South Entrance. West Entrance will be closed in order to control high traffic areas. North Entrance will be utilized to access our new designated smoking area with no temperature check for re-entry.

  • *Upon re-opening, Muckleshoot Bingo will be 100% Smoke Free inside the facility. (No-smoking, no e-cigarettes and no vaping). Bingo will have a designated smoking area outside the North Entrance.
  • *Temperature checks will be mandatory for all guests and team members before entering the building. Guests with a temperature of 100.0 F or greater will not be allowed to enter building.

  • *Masks will be required for all guests and team members. Guests should be prepared to provide their own mask, as a limited supply will be available (while supplies last).

  • *All guests entering the facility will be requested to briefly lower or remove their masks for age and identification purposes. Guests will be required to have valid identification.

  • *Signage will be placed throughout the building, to remind guests and team members about social distancing. Social Distancing will be in effect for both Bingo and VGD Machines: We will reduce the number of guests allowed in the building at any one time. Bingo seats and tables will be spaced out to practice social distancing. VGD machines will be turned on in a pattern that will allow social distancing. Floors will be marked in high traffic areas like the Players Club, Admissions, Red Cedar and Corner Shoppe to assist in proper social distancing.

  • *In addition to the glass at Bingo Admissions and the Cage, there will be Plexiglas protection at the Red Cedar, Corner Shoppe and Players Club.

  • *Additional hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building and entrances.

  • *Self-Service beverage stations will now be staffed with a team member to assist guests with their choice and service of their complimentary beverage

  • *All team members will attend safety protocol training prior to returning to work.

  • *No outside food or beverages will be allowed inside Muckleshoot Bingo. We will be highly encouraging guests to use the table side food service available on the Bingo floor. Also To-Go Orders from Red Cedar and Corner Shoppe will be available.

  • *Upon opening: Twin Rivers Bar and Gift Shop will remain closed. We look forward to opening those outlets soon.


Gaming Areas:



  • *Bingo will offer 3 sessions daily! The session times, buy-ins and payouts have been
    modified for the reduced capacity. Sessions will begin at 1pm, 4pm & 7pm. All
    games will be played on 6-ons which will be available for $5. We will also offer $20
    electronic buy-ins.

  • *Tribal Passes, Points and End of Session Comp Cards may be used at buy-in.

  • *Upon reopening, there will be no bingo promotion days such as Good Neighbor, Five for
    five, Senior Discount, Double Down Tuesdays, Silver Saturday and Breakout Sessions.

  • *What about my unused bingo coupons from March, April and May? Hold onto these
    coupons. When we return to 9-on bingo play we will honor the coupons for 30 days
    from the 9-on launch.


  • *VGD will operate from 7am-Midnight daily. For every machine turned on, there will be
    two turned off in between the next active machine. Machines will be sanitized multiple
    times each shift.

  • *What about my expired VGD ticket? We will honor all Muckleshoot Bingo cash-out
    tickets from before the closure. Please see VGD or Cage to redeem.

  • *The Scootin’ into Spring promotion will be rescheduled. We will honor all entries that
    were earned before March 17th. Make-up earning period and drawing date will be
    determined soon.

  • *Birthday points and Monthly VGD coupons will be honored upon re-opening for 30 days.
    Please visit the players club to redeem.




An Update from our General Manager 5/8/2020:

General Manager Update


Also, all calls made to Muckleshoot Bingo are directly connected to our automated telephone system.  To help you navigate through our automated system, here are some helpful hints:

·         If you don’t know the phone extension of the person you are trying to reach, if you dial 8, you will be able to enter the name of the person you are trying to reach and be connected;

·         If you know the phone extension of the person you are able to enter the number at any time during the automated message:

List of available of phone extensions:

  • General Manager – Vikki Simpson – Ext. 116;
  • Assistant General Manager – Dawn Miller – Ext. 108;
  • CFO/Finance – Barbara Wetli – Ext. 112;
  • Human Resources Manager – Leah Mills – Ext. 100 or 129;
  • Security - Ext. 103, 119 or 159
  • Facilities – Ext. 125;
  • IT – Ext. 110;
  • Live Bingo – Ext. 126;
  • VGD – Ext. 157;
  • Marketing – Ext. 133; and
  • Shipping/Receiving – Ext. 104


If there is no answer and you receive their voicemail during normal business hours (Monday through Friday - 8am to 5pm), the person you are trying to reach may be on the phone assisting someone or temporarily stepped away from their desks, so please make sure to leave your name, phone number and a brief message.  All messages received will be returned as soon as possible. 


Please continue to stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Vikki Simpson

General Manager

Muckleshoot Bingo



Current Jackpots

Updated 08/07/2020

  • Matinee Jackpot 55#s: $4,647
  • Hotball: $479
  • DIY in 15#s: $11,016
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $42,915
  • Letter “X” in 20#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#s: $1,900
  • Pokerball: $2,500

  • Evening Jackpot in 53#s:$6,751
  • Hotball: $275
  • DIY in 15#s: $11,016
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $42,915
  • Letter “X” in 20#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#s: $1,900
  • Pokerball: $2,500

  • Late Night Jackpot in 51#s: $1,912
  • Hotball: $345
  • DIY in 15#s: $11,016
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $42,915
  • Letter “X” in 20#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 35#s: $1,900
  • Pokerball: $2,500

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