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What is a 9-on?

This is the "pack" the regular games are played on. Each sheet in the pack has 9 bingo cards on it. Each card face is another opportunity to win. For example, if game 1 is a "regular bingo," you will search all 9 cards for the pattern. These games will pay the posted prize payout per session which is found on the programs.

What is a 6-on?

6-on's are six faced "packs," which regular games may also be played on. They cost $10 and payout $1,000 when you bingo. In order to purchase a 6-on, you must also purchase at least one 9-on. Both 6-on's and 9-on's may be loaded into a bingo machine. (3, 9-on minimum is required for machine use)

How much does bingo cost?

Regular game prices vary depending on the session. Matinee and Late Night 9-on's typically cost $7 and pay out $400 each game. Evening session 9-on's cost $7 or $10 and pay $300 or $500 Monday – Wednesday. Thursday – Sunday Evening session 9-on's are $10 and they pay $700. For more detailed information on session prices and payouts click here.

How long does bingo last?

A regular session typically lasts about 2 ½ – 3 hours. Matinee and Evening sessions offer a 15 minute break to get up, stretch, and grab a bite to eat, or play machines. The Late Night session offers a 10 minute break.

How do I buy-in?

Present your players club card at the Admissions window. You will need to purchase at least one 9-on to "buy-in." 9-ons range in price depending on the day or the session. You will also want to purchase your Hotball, Jokerball, Pokerball, Do-it-Yourself and MPBingo at admissions as they are not available from floor clerks. These are all special incentives. Purchasing these add-ons may increase your payout when you bingo on a regular game.

What are those machines people use?

Some people like to play several 9-ons at one time, and the machines allow players to play as many as 999 bingo cards at once. The machine keeps track of all the cards, and even tells you when to yell bingo! At Muckleshoot Bingo we offer two different types of machines. The PHD is a portable device and a Max Pack is a stationary device. During select sessions "Electronic package deals" are offered which offer a discount on the items in the machine. Machines are purchased at admissions. 3, 9-on minimum is required for machine use.

Do I have to have a Players Club Card?

Yes, in order to buy-in for bingo you will need a players club card. Your first one is free, and available at the Players Club. A players club card is recommended for Vegas Style Machine play, but is not required.

How old must you be to play bingo?

Muckleshoot Bingo is an 18 and older facility. Bingo and Vegas Style machines are available for anyone 18 years and up. Minors are not allowed on the gaming floor, but are allowed in the restaurant area with an accompanying adult.

Do I have to use a dauber?

Yes, daubers are required on bingo games. The only game in which you don't need a dauber is the Do-It-Yourself game.

Can I have a birthday party at bingo?

Absolutely! For more information on birthday parties call us today.

What do I do when I get a bingo?

Yell Bingo! You must yell bingo loud enough to stop play. The floor clerk will ask for your players club card and your buy-in receipt, and then they will verify your bingo. They will take your information to the cage and return with your payout!

It is common for people to yell bingo and not have a valid bingo. We call that "practice." If you think you could have a bingo, it is better to yell than to miss out on the prize.

Can two people bingo at the same time?

Yes, it is possible that two or more people bingo at the same time. In this event payouts will be split evenly amongst all of the winners based on your level of play.

What is a blackout pack?

A blackout pack is a set of extra games that are played throughout the session which are not included in the 9-on regular games. These games are played to a complete blackout, and most have jackpots that are typically higher than the regular game payouts. For example, the Super Jackpot during evening session begins at $4,000 and grows $2,000 every day it isn't won. If the Super Jackpot doesn't "go" in the amount of numbers posted, it will pay a consolation prize.

What is a flashboard?

The flashboard is a large electronic device that displays the numbers and letters after they have been announced by the bingo caller. It is used in Bingo to make the numbers and letters easier to see and play.

Is there a winner on every game?

Yes! That's the cool thing about bingo. All games are played until someone wins. There will be a winner on every game.

At what amount are my winnings taxed?

Taxes must be claimed on any cash prize $1,200 or more (bingo or machines). Also, complimentary prizes that total $600 or more in a year are also reported and taxed.

Current Jackpots

Updated 09/25/2021

  • Matinee Jackpot in 50#s: $3,143
  • Hotball: $382
  • DIY in 15#s: $56,845
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $159,263
  • Letter “X” in 17#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 36#s: $6,100
  • Pokerball: $6,415

  • Evening Jackpot in 53#s: $7,339
  • Hotball: $1,684
  • DIY in 15#s: $56,845
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $159,263
  • Letter “X” in 17#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 36#s: $6,100
  • Pokerball: $6,415

  • *NO LATE NIGHT on Mon., Tues., Wed.*
  • Late Night Jackpot in 52#s: $8,365
  • Hotball: $484
  • DIY in 15#s: $56,845
  • Bonanza in 48#s: $159,263
  • Letter “X” in 17#s: $1,199
  • Double Action in 36#s: $6,100
  • Pokerball: $6,415

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